We rent your property for you with a fixed contract, usually from 2 months to 3 years and take care of all the operations.

  • Pre-Agreed lease amount
  • Fixed payments
  • Maintenance* Included
  • Housekeeping Included
  • Concierge services
  • Security

We take full possession of the property, and provide you with a guaranteed income for the agreed period, while covering all related expenses, including maintenance and utilities.

*includes: Pool cleaning, Gardening, plumbing, electrical, routine maintenance


We manage one or some of the critical parts of your property, for a fixed fee.

  • Property listed in all partner channels
  • Timely payments
  • 24/7 support
  • No exclusivity
  • Photo shooting and 360° virtual tour
  • Maintenance* (optional)
  • Housekeeping (optional)
  • Concierge services
  • Security

You maintain complete control of your property while we work to attract the right type of guests for you. We only earn commission when you accept a reservation, and you can enjoy your home whenever you like.

*includes: Pool cleaning, Gardening, plumbing, electrical, routine maintenance
*includes: Pool cleaning, Gardening, plumbing, electrical, routine maintenance
Guaranteed/Steady revenues
Whatever way you choose to work with us, we guarantee a steady flow of revenues, paid out at pre-agreed dates.
Complete peace of mind
We offer a complete turnkey solution that you can customize for the level of service you want.
Quality guests
Sourced from a variety of booking partners, channels, and repeat guests, we attract the right guests for you.
Flexibility and Control
Whether you want to rent your property for a few months or a year, we offer you full flexibility of choice.
Transparency & Reporting
For the duration of our collaboration, you will receive frequent updates about the performance of your property.
All our bookings are secure, and so is your home! We use a variety of insurance partners to ensure the right cover.


From 2 to 10 Bedrooms
New Built
or recently renovated
With swimming pool
(but perhaps not in certain locations)
With past track record
They are families or couples
68% of our bookings are made by families and couples who are looking for a relaxing holiday.
They stay for 5 nights or more
42% of our guests usually stay in our properties for 5 nights and more, bringing high value bookings.
Are from Europe
38% of our bookings are from within the EU, with the rest from all over the world, bringing big diversity but also stability due to low dependency in 1 region.
They are repeaters
25% of our guests have stayed with us before, which means a large and growing database of happy travellers!
Historical Data
Past performance of comparable properties, bookings window, cancellation rates and trends are some of the things we gather and analyse data.
Competitors & Occupancies
We constantly analyse competitor data sets and occupancies in selected regions, to adjust prices dynamically.
Local Holidays
Local holidays and other peak demand scenarios are factored in the pricing to maximize the revenue potential of your property.
Search Patterns
We collect data from a number of booking sites and analyse search patterns across multiple platforms.
Local Team
Your house is supervised by our local expert team to ensure guests welcoming, housekeeping and take care of your house like it’s ours.
Sales & Marketing
Benefit of a global brand know-how & power to commercialize and distribute through a great range of partner channels in order to maximize your revenue.
Digital Content
Our full digital solution includes HD photo-shooting, drone videos and 3D walkthrough for great visibility and customer experience.
Guest Screening
While we work to attract a wider audience of global travellers, we get to know our guests to ensure that right people enter your home.
Liability Coverage
We are subscribing to a property insurance for any damages that can occur during guests stay and everything can be covered for a full serenity.
We offer static security service to our guests in order to keep an eye on your property and prevent any burglary.


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